hook ups

you always leave

feeling empty inside

even if it was more

more than just sex

it doesn’t matter

the second you leave.

David Klein
understanding thyself

Timing is everything

She was great, incredible actually

But I wasn't ready

Before you can love others

One must love themselves

But how can one love themselves

When they don't know themselves;


I talked big game

I fell into old habits

Old habits of being in love

But I didn't love her

I lead her astray

Hurting her in the process;


As much as it hurt her

I learnt a lesson

And I need to learn

As learning is the first step,

In knowing yourself

So that one day I can love again

Myself, and others.

David Klein
time together

when you were busy and stressed

i stood by you and supported you

and now you have time

but you dont seem to think 

i am worthy of it

David Klein
young love.

we thought it was forever

we didn't understand love

because it was first love

it was young love.


we grew apart

our differences used to make us work

now, they're why we don't

our lives his a crosspoint

now were trying to hold on

while going in two different directions

and i don't know how much longer

i can hold on. 

David Klein