Weekly Wants

Weekly Wants is going to be a new series we're doing, giving you a couple of things every week that we're enjoying and want to buy. It might be ten pieces, it might three like this week, it all depends on what were feeling. There will be fashion pieces, art, furniture, books, and everything in between. Yes, this idea was also 100% stolen from GQ Style, but it's not like Noah Johnson or Will Welch will be reading DECLINE03 anytime soon, but thanks for the idea. 



Going hand in hand with our piece about our favorite artists right now from last week, we have this beautiful ring that was made by the Great Frog in collaboration with Wes Lang. This is most definitely a statement piece but will speak for itself once it's on your finger. 


At this point, I have a black copy Eames chair at home, but one day I'll upgrade to this beautiful metal wire one from Herman Miller. Overall I am a huge fan of everything the Eames couple did for design, but this chair might be my favorite of all. 


I am really feeling this seasons Margiela, and this crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect example of that. It's simple, has great details and no branding, and which is the complete opposite of what brands like Balenciaga or Gucci are doing right now. 

David Klein