Weekly Wants

We're back with our still very much stolen series(thanks, GQ Style), but this week I've been looking for essentials at the right price. A lot of that is because I like to have accessories do the talking, but also just not stick out. Essentials come at a variety of prices, and some will last you longer than others. 



Uniqlo U Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Although I try to stay away from fast fashion, Uniqlo is the one place I do choose to shop. This is because they don't try to follow the trends and focus on essential designs in a minimalistic format and when they do collaborations they feel very authentic. That's why I really like this black long sleeve from the Uniqlo U collection designed by Christopher Lemaire. It's a great wash and fit, but is also affordable and knowing the brand was made in an eco-friendly way. A lot of the collection is already sold out, but this tee and a couple other pieces are still in stock online. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 5.57.53 PM.png

NikeLab Free RN Commuter 2017 Gyakusou

This past weekend was the New York City Marathon and I happened to be a couple blocks away from the finishing point and seeing all these runners that had ran the 42 km really motivated me. But a lot of them had on chunky New Balance and Asics running shoes, and I am not quite ready to go that far, but these Nike Gyakusou Free running shoes are the perfect for style and function. I have always been a super big fan of the Nike X Undercover running collection and wear their track pants from last season at least once a week, and although it doesn't get any attention, it's a well designed functional product that I am a huge fan of.


Reigning Champ Black Heavyweight Terry Hoodie

Although Reigning Champ doesn't get the attention they used to when brands like John Elliott were really blowing up for their high-quality essentials, their products are still very solid. What I particularly liked about this hoodie was that it was a heavyweight terry, which is uncommon. I personally have always been a bigger fan of french terry rather than fleece, but it's often quite thin and doesn't keep you as warm but having a super thick terry will be ideal for layering in the colder months that are coming up. 


David Klein