Normcore Meets Salarymanr

Normcore, the appropriation of clothing associated with "normal people", has been on the rise for the past few years. Think Obama's dad jeans, bulky New Balance sneakers and the ill fitting t-shirts.

Seen on the runway in past collections, normcore is making a comeback for SS17 and FW17. This time, designers are taking suits/formal wear and cutting them into wider, less conventional shapes that incorporate decade old patterns.

For a prime example, take a look at Gosha's SS17 collection -- you'll find it features baggy sweatshirts over baggy dress shirts and a remake of the classic oversized pinstripe suit. Even higher end designers, such as Demna of Balenciaga are incorporating shoulder pads in their blazers and cropping outerwear. Furthermore, if you still aren't convinced that "dad clothes" are making a comeback, Raf Simons' newest collection should serve to silence your qualms. Filled with patterned button ups, too wide sweater vests and knit polos that barely graze the waist of one's pants, normcore is undoubtedly on the come-up.

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