A Stream of Consciousness: How the Internet Changed Menswear

Menswear has never been at a greater point, and it just seems to be growing daily. Over the past 5 years, even over the past year men’s fashion has grown immensely, of course part of that is because of the hype around brands like Supreme or Bape, or influencers like Kanye West or Ian Connor, but for a lot of people that is an entry point to menswear. When I first started getting into clothing I wanted all the Supreme, all the Off-White, anything that would get recognition when I walked around the city and a lot of it started with sneakers for me. I was jumping on every trend, from joggers to elongated t-shirts, but the fact that I started to care about what I was wearing is the main point I am trying to make. I tried everything from suiting to streetwear and went through a variety of different trends. After high school, I took a semester off, and because of this I spent a lot of time on websites such as Hypebeast and Grailed. I discovered so much and learnt so much, and it was really because of these sites, because of Instagram and Facebook groups. Now living in NYC, my love for menswear just keeps growing and I feel that a lot of men found their love for clothing through the internet. The internet has given us access to information we could have never gotten to, it exposes us to individuals all over the world that we get inspiration from as well as learn, and most importantly it gives us access to all the clothing we could ever dream of. Anyone in any city can love men’s clothing now, not just the guys that live in big metropolitan cities, because even if your local store doesn’t have the new Gosha drop or those Saint Laurent boots you always wanted, through E-commerce and sites like Grailed you can buy those at the click of a button. All in all, the internet has given us access to information on everything and anything, and that has really created the world of menswear today.