Tokyo Shopping Guide

Tokyo is one of the greatest shopping experiences in the world, there are retail locations for almost any brand you could ever imagine, as well as incredible multi-brand retailers that are pushing the barriers of what a shop experience is.

Multi-Brand Boutiques

Dover Street Market

This is the obvious place to start. DSM has revolutionized the brick and mortar experience, and in Tokyo, the 9-story store is tucked into a back street of Ginza.


With one location in Ueno and the other in the legendary back streets of Harajuku, Nubian is a retail location constantly seeking out new brands that are on the rise, but also stocking some of your street wear and high-end favorites.

United Arrows & Sons

Run by United Arrows’ golden boy Poggy, this 2-floor store is located on the outskirts of Harajuku. They constantly do collaborations and put the youth into United Arrows.


This store is known for stocking some of streetwear and luxury favorites, from A-Cold-Wall to Balenciaga, this store will defiantly have some things you like.

Single Brand Boutiques

So those were some great retail locations that stock a variety of brands, but there are also amazing flagships. Some of my favorites are Cav Empt, Undercover, Comme Des Garcon, Yohji Yamamoto, Nepenthes, WTAPS, Neighborhood, and Visvim.

Second Hand Shops

If you know anything about shopping in Japan, you’d know that consignment stores are like a brick and mortar Grailed. There are vintage stores that are highly curated with garments from all over the world. But don’t expect thrift store prices as many of these stores stock rare vintage garments.

Consignment Stores


The consignment stores to trump all other consignment stores. Located in Shibuya, Rinkan has a wide section of streetwear, international luxury and domestic luxury brands, all split onto three floors. Anyone can find something they like, but not everybody will be able to afford it as the prices are steep.


This store has a variety of locations in Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza and more. They possess a huge selection of brands but are not focused on the most hyped or rare grails. It is worth a look for the ladies, though, as they do have a great women’s section.


Kindal has locations all over Tokyo and the whole of Japan itself. They have a great overall selection and variety of brands. Make sure to check out their website for their full list of locations.

Vintage Stores


BerBerJin is a vintage store located in Harajuku. This is one of the greatest stores in Tokyo -- stocking a variety of vintage Polo, vintage military gear and a whole lot more.


PinNap is a store on the same street as BerBerJin, but has a very different theme. They sell everything from vintage sportswear to vintage promotional gear. This store carries highly specific merchandise and won’t be for everyone though it is definitely worth checking out for the experience.

Make sure to check out some of the other vintage stores around the area as well. Though they may not be as highly curated at BerBerJin and PinNap, there is always the possibility of finding a steal.


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