A Stream of Consciousness: Style, Sub-cultures and High Fashion

With the internet, do sub-cultures even still exist? Sure, you could have called streetwear a sub-culture 5-10 years ago, but now with the internet, streetwear has exploded in popularity that it could hardly be called one anymore. Streetwear has gone mainstream and we all need to accept that, but I do believe that within streetwear are smaller micro-cultures, that are outside of the world of brands like Supreme, Yeezy or Bape. This brings up the idea of whether we can still even call it streetwear, are we just using streetwear to group together styles that don’t conform to normal fashion standards? Yet, high fashion has taken inspiration from streetwear, so what are normal fashion standards. Raf Simons recently spoke about the idea of high fashion and how many brands and designers were being mislabeled in his opinion as high fashion, but with fashion right now, the line between high fashion and “streetwear” is almost invisible. One of the examples that was brought up was Virgil Abloh and his brand Off-White, the definition of high end streetwear. Essentially if you look at price points, design, and the execution clothing there is no difference between brands like Off-White and traditional high-end brands. Personally, I think that designers see designers like Virgil as a threat, so instead they try to place him in the league below him and as Virgil put it in an interview just 2 days ago, it’s a division in modern culture. Overall what I am trying to say is, what the f**k is streetwear?