Fashion and Fitness

Often these 2 topics don’t go together, at least with “streetwear”, everyone smokes, everyone drinks and does drugs, that is the culture that surrounds it. If we look at the rest of menswear, being healthy is complimented, and is celebrated. 

Someone I have looked up to for a while within the fashion industry is @thenatebrown, he has been a part of so many grand projects, but has remained behind the scenes and always kept a low profile. But unlike most people in this industry, in the mornings you’ll find him working out on his Instagram story. His successfulness motivated me, and I looked at his life and realized how big of a role fitness played and was able to come to the conclusion that fitness helps him succeed. He is also one of the only men in this industry that promotes a healthy lifestyle where as with women, we have people like @emilyelaineoberg and @adrianneho who actively advertise their healthy lifestyle. After starting to workout frequently, cardio as well as weight lifting, I realized that it gave me more energy throughout the day, made me overall happier and essentially helped me procrastinate less because I was more motivated.

Other than the fact that fitness and eating healthy helped me feel more motivated and energized, you also look better in clothes and overall, helping you feel more confident in your own skin. Essentially what I am trying to say is that this industry doesn’t promote the healthiest lifestyle, but living healthy and being active can help you in so many ways, from feeling more confident to being more motivated in your work. Plus, with all the nice athletic wear out there you can still look good while at the gym.