Personal Style

Personal style is something I am constantly so confused about, because for a week I’ll be all about one style and like items that all look good together, then after I’ll see someone rocking something interesting that is completely different to my style and I’ll completely rethink what I am doing. And the problem is that it just keeps happening, over and over again. 
I started writing an article about personal style the other day, and discussed dressing for your body type, wearing colors that match your palette, and dressing accordingly to your profession, and social life. But even that can still be very vague, and seems to require a lot of thought, style shouldn’t require this much thought. This has made me come to the realization that, you need to wear what you think looks good on you, while still being appropriate for the situation. Meaning that you should wear whatever you want to as long as you think it looks good, but don’t be afraid to experiment, experimentation is essential to discovering what your personal style is. Of course, in the process of experimentation you’ll find you bought things that you’re not wearing as much as you’d have liked to, but that’s why it’s great that we live in a generation with websites like Grailed. Overall though personal style doesn’t come from one day to the next, buy what you like, sell what you don’t, and it’ll come naturally overtime.