How A$AP Mob Influenced Modern Streetwear

   It's inarguable that modern music influences modern fashion. Lately, we've seen rappers such as A$ap Rocky and the mob collective influence what the young teens wear. Let's take Rocky (Rakim Mayers), Bari and A$ap associate Ian Connor. These three single handily pushed street wear to what it is currently. As of late Rocky has been pushing Dior, Gucci and Prada. Rakim also has had a sneaker coloration with Adidas. Being in Diors SS17 campaign we can say Rakim has a close relationship with the fashion warehouse. In 2016-2017 Rocky was seen wearing many things such as embroidered denim curtsey of Gucci, the classic Rick Owens Geobasket and a sense of mixing Street wear with high end such as his beloved Gucci denim with a pair of Air Jordan 1s. We've seen countless people on Instagram trying to recreate the look Rakim has made so popular. The special thing with Rocky that separates him from many other celebrities is the way he dresses. He can be logo and brand heavy or monotone and will be the best dressed in the room. Many say Rocky was the best-dressed man at the 2017 Met Gala wearing all Calvin Klein by Raf Simons. Rocky was able to embody the American Look wearing jeans to the Met Gala.Rocky always somehow mentioned brands in his music. In the song "1Train" off his debut album LONG LIVE A$AP we hear the line "Bag made of Goyard, cheffin' like I'm Boyar" another line referring fashion is in the song Excuse Me of album At Long Last A$ap we hear "“Another 20 thousand dollars on Rick Owens out in Barneys.” Just to name a few shout out to brands Rocky has given. Besides Kanye, Rocky was one of those main rappers who really pushed Fashion and really perused it as seen with his Guess collab now having two collections. Anything Rocky is seen wearing usually will increase value. Rocky will continue to be the influential man he is and set trends for young teens and people everywhere. Seriously most people wouldn't be wearing Raf if it wasn't for Rocky.

      Asap Bari aka Young Lord another collective of the mob has also had his hand in the pot of street wear. Owning one of the biggest most hype streetwear brands these past years. Founder of Vlone we saw several pop ups and a show during Fashion Week in France as well as a sneaker of the classic Air Force One low and high collaboration with Nike. Needless to say, Vlone is one of the biggest streetwear brands as of now as they have collaborated with Off White and No Vacancy and Fragment Design just to name a few. The strong street culture of Vlone is seen on the streets of New York and France and all over the UK and Europe. It's impossible to be in Soho and not see kids wearing Vlone. The coveted Vlone x Nike Af1s have been seen to go for 1k and up right after release in Harlem NY. It's unarguable we haven't seen teens flexing on the gram wearing Vlone and ultra boost. Bari, as well as Rocky, has always done the streetwear and High-end look. With 276K followers on Instagram we've seen Bari push his brand hard. The latest July 4th Vlone drop sold out in 10mins. Yes, a Gildan printed tee with Vlone branded on it in Red, White and Blue sold out in 10 minutes. Bari embodies Harlem. Nike and Jordan heavy with some high-end jeans and tees we've heard Bari always say how he was influenced by Harlem and we clearly see it. Vlone's ideology is based on the idea of dying alone and how regardless of your current relationship your gonna die the same way you came in. Alone. We're gonna keep seeing Vlone regardless of allegations and regardless Bari has already built many friendships with people in the fashion industry. We can't argue how Bari has steered the modern hype beast image and how strong his following is.

   The "King of the Youth" Ian Connor being controversial as he is, in nature is a born trend maker. Modeling for Yeezy Season 1 and Season 2 and Off White SS16 campaign it's no surprise we have Ian here. Where do we start off his heavy influence. His strong social media influence pushed him so far. Being Ian is something many teens follow. Seen wearing a surplus of established and independent brands its unpredictable to know what Ian will be seen wearing. Launching his very successful " Revenge x Storm" sneaker was just a taste to show his magnitude of influence. The vans old school inspired sneaker was based off the same way Bape designer Nigo did the bapestas. Ian made the vans and side bag aka the purse look very hot. Even Louis Vuitton seemed to almost bite his style in their latest release. Being so close to stars such as Kylie Jenner, Playboi Carti, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Virgil Abloh its hard to not be so influential. Lately we've seen Ian wear the Off White x Air Jordan Retro 1 a lot as well as the Off White Blazers. Getting the former brand Kanye owned, "Pastelle" we've seen Ian drop exclusive drops for the fans. Ian has been wearing vintage items and Japense fashion houses such as Number Nine, Undercover and Suicoke. The Gianni Mora dad cap we've seen over done was originally pushed by Ian. As well as airbrushed tee shirts vintage rap tees and the dreaded pink Raf Simons x Adidas stan smith just to name a few trends.