Stuck In The Hypebeast Comment Section

Kind of embarrassing, but every day to keep up with “the culture” I go on Straight up, I usually don’t give a shit about the website’s articles because they usually have nothing as interesting to say as it’s funny as fuck commenters.

The funniest comments are either clever, dumb as fuck, asshole, or too heated.  At first glance, the Hypebeast comment section doesn’t seem like a thing to take seriously. It’s a bunch of people you don’t know ripping on “the culture”. Though, one thing you do know about these people is that they speak the truth, and the truth is “the culture” is overplayed and unexciting.  Yeah, it’s an obvious and commonplace truth that’s been known, but it bugs me.

Though, what bugs me more is how the commenters and myself included are so hung up on a culture we don’t like anymore. I’ve been seeing the same users complaining about “the culture” for months now. And if you’re complaining about the repetitiveness and boringness of it all, you’re obviously hoping for something new and different.  And of all the places you think that’s going to show you something new and different, you think is that place?

Honestly, I think it would be best to move on. . . unless you’re willing to wait with the Hypebeast commenters for a final laugh. lol.

Opinion On, FashionClark Ya