The Value Of Knowledge

When you have a true passion for something you are constantly seeking out new information and trying to learn as much as you can about that subject. Whether it is a new skateboard trick or knowing more about the clothes that you wear every day, you will stop at nothing to find the information you're looking for. Why am I addressing this? Because fashion has become less about knowledge and more about flexing. Instead of searching for rare piece and spending ages tracking it down, people would rather buy the newest Supreme pieces only to post them on Instagram. Fashion is turning into a social symbol rather than a passion.

I don't mean to disparage hype beasts and people of the sort because most of us start there -- buying only what attracts hype in popularity. But from there, we all have the choice to learn and understand more about brands we enjoy. We have the choice to explore and develop our own original style. But nowadays, due to social media pressures, that desire no longer exists. -
What I've learned over time is that knowing about what you are wearing makes you appreciate it tenfold. For example, I recently found a Rebuild by Needles Band tee in a random shop in Tokyo. I realized that I would not have gotten the same joy out of buying it had I not research the brand beforehand and learned about what I was purchasing. I didn't buy it just because I saw some "cool" guy on Instagram wearing it. Rather, I bought it because I enjoyed the philosophy and the creativity behind the brand that sells it. 

To conclude I believe researching the clothing you wear is important because it allows fashion to become a passion rather than just a way to gain more followers on social media. If you're looking for a place to start, you should check out Grailed's Dry Clean Only . I recommend their master class series as well as their weekend reading series in order to open you up to a variety of blogs and magazines to start your journey.