The Greatest Style in the World of Cinema

Movies inspire, that’s an obvious point. But some more than others. People have written about how certain movies have inspired collections, such as the recent article on Dry Clean Only about Wes Anderson’s influence on the fashion world. Now, while I might not be the biggest cinema freak, I do have certain movies that I have found to have amazing style. And I thought I would list some and take a closer look at what exactly makes their looks so amazing.


The Place Beyond the Pines

This movie is really what inspired me to write this article. The costume design in this movie could be on a runway it’s so good. It’s this mix of punk rock meets street rat meets motocross. To blame is Erin Benach, a costume designer who has worked with Ryan Gosling on a number of movies over the last 15 years. My favorite look of all is this one featured above, of Gosling leaning on his blacked-out bike, wearing black combat boots, waxed denim with mud splatters on them and an inside out distressed white t-shirt. The jeans remind me of painter denim by Helmut Lang, more specifically the gray iteration from AW 00-01. The t-shirt here is a beautiful off-white color, and with the distressing and fit, looks like Haider Ackermann meets Yeezy Season. Other than this outfit, a couple of the key pieces that make his look so great throughout the movie are his red leather jacket and the cut of Metallica sleeveless tee. But of course, without the bleach blond hair and the tattoo covered arms, the look wouldn’t be complete. Lastly, if you want to find out more about the process and what went into the costume design of this movie, check out this interview by GQ with Erin Benach.

Inglorious Bastards

Putting my slight obsession with Ryan Gosling’s characters aside, the next film that I would like to discuss is Inglorious Bastards. Directed by Tarentino, with costume design by the Anna Sheppard, the movie was destined to be great. Sheppard has worked on a couple of period movies before, especially WWII movies, most notably Schindler’s List and The Pianist. The difference is though, in those movies the costume design was downplayed, but in Inglorious Bastards, she wanted to make at the costumes more elegant and flamboyant. Where as others she has stated were more “Cliche”. 

This movie really shows why military uniforms have played such a large role in fashion, from things like BDU pants to the MA-1 flight jackets. But military uniforms aren’t the only amazing pieces of fashion in this movie, take Diane Krugers brown peak lapel suit. Incredibly tailored, and paired with a brown fedora, the look really shows how a woman can pull of a well-tailored suit just as good as any man could, if not better.

As mentioned before, the costumes in this movie were designed in a more elegant way than other movies about WWII, but if you look at the costumes of the three main males in the film, Brad Pitt, Eli Roth and Till Schweiger, they’re always wear incredible tonal outfits, mixing browns, with army greens and dark grey. Most of their garments are slightly looser fitting, making them look like a real army more than anything else. As of course military uniforms are often very strict, and form fitting, as shown by Christoph Waltz’s look through out the film. Some of the garments the three of them wear, wouldn’t even look to out of place in Kanye’s Yeezy Season 1 fashion show. 

Usually a white tuxedo can look cliche, and when un-tailored just looks dumb, but when Pitt wears a slightly off-white colored tuxedo jacket that is tailored well, it looks incredible, as their is just enough contrast to the shirt, and it just fits right, as well as making him stand out of course. Lets just conclude that if there was ever a right way to wear a white tux this would be it.

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