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Jakob Hetzer

Designed with Thought


I was first introduced to Jakob Hetzer through Instagram and instantly understood the appeal. Hailing from Detroit, Jakob moved to Germany. Having his own line is something many people attempt but few succeed so seeing the success of Jakob is an understatement to describe the quality and craftsmen ship of his garments. Personally owning a wool elongated sweater from '15 and now his coveted "Mohair Cardigan" from his 2017 release the quality is there and every strand of the cardigan is properly dyed and has a consistent pattern. Nobody has the same taste as Jakob in terms of his own line. Refreshing and genius the "Elbows Out" collection nails the sweet spot between modern and classic fashion with a hint of darkness. The demand is there as well as almost if not everything sold out and good luck finding his pieces for sale somewhere else.

On Hetzer's website, you can view 2 collections titled " Street Smart" and his most recent " Elbows Out" Starting off w Street Smart we see graphic tees as well as flannels with denim. Only using black and white most would say would be boring but somehow Jakob makes those 2 shades stand out every piece works together as the whole collection is cohesive and has its own unique look.


Elbows Out seem to be more military inspired and technical wear. Cargos, button-up shirts graphic tees and hoodies are a majority of the collection. The graphic tees have a back print with a clever quote as follows " The less you know the greater the story" followed by "elbows out". What struck me the most was the clear evolution of Hetzer's aesthetic. The clothes are more than a look but pieces that took time and thought which is why I strongly support this designer. The difference between most designers and Hetzer is that everyday clothes are just meant for that. Throwing something on and that's it but Jakob has a philosophy that the garments are supposed to be worn often and get worn in and torn and dirty to create individual personality. As almost as breaking in boots or something of that sort.

You can clearly see the time and effort put into each garment and you can see his other pieces for sale such as his heavy cotton pocket tee. A reinstalment of the classic everyday piece made into a boxy flowing shirt with premium cotton. The Contrast Sleeve leather jacket with the left sleeve made from hand-picked lamb suede and grainy leather body. This craftsmanship is unreal with every detail executed to perfection. And lastly, the J Cut double pocket jean. Japanese Denim with a curved leg and slight taper to provide stacking by the bottom of the denim and to give off a tapered look but not too tight  the reinvention of these items just provide sufficient ammunition as to why Jakob is arguably one of the best independent brands out right now and with A Red August coming out shortly we once again will be shown why the Detroit/German mastermind is one to keep an eye on for future collections

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