A Guide to Jewelry

Jewelry has become more prominent in the men's fashion scene in the last years, whether it's rings, bracelets, chains or even earrings. There are various jewelry makers that are in the spotlight, such as brands like Chrome Hearts or even Goro's. But within jewelry, there are various companies making incredible pieces at prices that aren't overly inflated because of brand reputation. When it comes to quantity though, as with most things, quality over quantity. Don't wear a million cheap plastic rings because you want your hands to look like Luka Sabbat. Invest in pieces that you can wear for the next 10 years at least and jewelry that you can wear every day. 

Werkstatt München

As the name suggests, the brand originates in Munich. Founded in 1996 by Klaus Lohmeyer, the brand has developed a cult following. They've gained fame for their bracelets and rings mainly, but also have a large selection of chains, earrings and also make various leather goods such as bags and belts. All the pieces are handmade in their atelier in Munich, where they also have a retail outlet. They also sell at various online retailers such as Antonioli and Farfetch, but also smaller boutiques like NYC's Ateiler. Above we've pulled some of our favorite pieces from their current collection, but make sure to check their website for their entire collection. 

Lee Brennan Design

Founded in 2008, Lee Brennan designs hand crafted jewelry and furniture based out of Australia. His jewelry designs mainly focus on rings, but he also has a couple of chains and a set of earrings. His inspiration is best described in his own words on his website as "Inspired by hand-beaten artifacts, and the minimal (Wabi) philosophy that deeply connects with emotions experienced in the nobility of poor, humble, hand forged objects." To me, the best way to describe his jewelry would be that the designs focus on the perfection in imperfections. His designs can be bought online on his website, or at one of his various stockists around the world, including Soho's If boutique. 

Alicia Hannah Naomi

Another jeweler that's based from Australia is Alicia Hannah Naomi, who creates handmade various pieces in exclusively precious metals like .925 sterling silver .750 18ct gold. She uses modern and traditional gold and silversmithing techniques, to explore the poetry found in natural objects. She makes a variety of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in her Melbourne based studio. Her stockists include her online store, a couple boutiques in various parts of the world as well as the StyleZeitGeist online store. 

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