Home Scents: Setting the Mood


Perfecting your home and living space should be just as important as having on a nice outfit when you walk out the door. Because of that, we're starting a mini-series on interior design and homes. To kickstart that off, we're talking home fragrances. 

Scents change the atmosphere of a room, and for that, there are three options, candles, incense and diffusers. Candles come in a variety of prices, from cheap essentials from Bed, Bath and Beyond to the Dyptique Candles. My personal favorite candle is the Jazz Club scent by Margiela. The scent is pretty masculine and sets a nice mood in the evening. The scent is meant to emulate the vibe of a New York jazz club and so pairing it with a Miles Davis record is my ideal way to set the mood in the evening. Candles are ideal for early evening and night, but during the day my choice for scents is Kuumba Incense. The Tokyo based brand has gained a lot of popularity for good reason, over the last couple of years, with collaborations with WTAPS, Neighbourhood and more. They have over 30 different scents, but some of my favorites are The Men and Happy. They are pretty hard to find outside of Japan, but retailers like Haven and Union will often stock some of their products. Now both of these are things you light when you're home, but a diffuser will make your room smell good even when you're not home so that you can come home to a great scent. Although I don't have any experience with diffusers, I would recommend a subtle scent, that when layered with incense or candles mixes well, but is enough to keep your rooms smelling fresh. Another option would be to get a diffuser in the same scent as the candle you get, as brands like Dyptique make both diffusers and candles. 

Stay tuned for more content on creating the perfect living space!

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