What is Off-White

Off White created by Virgil Abloh is one of the most polarizing brands out right now. With many collections and showcases under Virgil's belt, we have enough ammunition to determine the commonly asked question is Off White a high-end brand or a streetwear brand? With the huge movement of merging streetwear with high end, many would consider Off-White as the front face of this movement inside the industry. Virgil first started with his original Pyrex Vision in 2012 and pulling the plug on the project only after a year. With much success, Virgil then started a new project now known as Off White. With the launching in 2013 the screen-printed tees with the diagonal white stripes, it didn't take too long before the streetwear community was infatuated with this newly installed brand. As Well as the commercial success and many celebrities seen wearing the brand, Off White had a lit fire in the streetwear community. Now with time, Virgil knew if he never pushed forward with his line it would always be known as a “streetwear” brand. A common label attached to many brands Virgil pushed forward and started to create real garments. In the sense of hand craftsmanship, in 2015 Virgil was really putting out clothes in a different caliber compared to the commonly referred staple pieces of Off White. 

Sadly the brand is plagued with diagonal white stripes and that will always eclipse the beauty the brand holds. Comparing the runway shows Virgil puts out to the items that are sold in Barneys or other high-end retailers there is a huge gap that can be filled with these garments seen on the runway but is filled with more streetwear oriented items such as screen printed tees or hoodies. Interestingly enough the women shows are usually the only reason I check up on Off White nowadays as the cancerous streetwear community has over saturated this gem of a brand and permanently tarnished the hard works and accomplishments of Mr. Abloh. 

With the newest installment of Off White with FW18 Mens, Mr.Abloh once again shows why he should stick to women's. I mean if Virgil were to go to Celine or Channel the industry would be taken by storm. Going back to the new Men's FW show the color palette is quite nice with the pales and the shades of blue and the lovely red shown towards the end almost matching the red carpet on the runway.  With the “business casual” theme presented in the show we see the use of grey which refreshingly enough isn't boring but mimics the Balenciaga aesthetic that Demna is known for. The glitter trousers shown in look four are actually beautiful and have a nice drape to them with the unconventional ring zip fly and no pockets and nice panel detailing on the knees we see the intricate detailing with the rivets. Personally my favorite piece out of the whole show. The next piece that caught my eye was this horrendous coat in look six which seemed like Virgil ripped a page out of Raf’s Calvin Klein look. To me a lot of this showcase was hit or miss as a piece would catch my eye and then another would remind me why I don't wear Off White. Up to look thirteen I really gave up the hope that resonates in me. Twelve was a stretch but thirteen to twenty five were either spawns of Balenciaga or just bad designs with poor color choosing. Look twenty six had a beautifully put together outfit something I would personally wear with the phenomenal blazer with this jungle outlined pattern with beautifully tapered denim with a nice deep blue along with black leather boots. But it wouldn't be Off White if I wasn't disappointed with the next look. A horrendous blue and black striped sweater just ruined the matching trousers for the blazer in the previous look. Look twenty nine had a nice red button up shirt that kept it simple and shockingly was somehow plastered with vertical lines or quotation marks with some phrase in the “middle”. 

Overall my verdict stays the same with Off White’s FW18 show. Its almost a love-hate relationship at this point with Me and Virgil but let's be honest and say Mr.Abloh needs to move to a woman's house and give Off White a nail in the coffin.

FashionNathan Perez