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The Value Of Knowledge

When you have a true passion for something you are constantly seeking out new information and trying to learn as much as you can about that subject. Whether it is a new skateboard trick or knowing more about the clothes that you wear every day, you will stop at nothing to find the information you're looking for. Why am I addressing this? Because fashion has become less about knowledge and more about flexing. Instead of searching for rare piece and spending ages tracking it down, people would rather buy the newest Supreme pieces only to post them on Instagram. Fashion is turning into a social symbol rather than a passion.

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Personal Style

Personal style is something I am constantly so confused about, because for a week I’ll be all about one style and like items that all look good together, then after I’ll see someone rocking something interesting that is completely different to my style and I’ll completely rethink what I am doing. And the problem is that it just keeps happening, over and over again. 

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