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A Stream of Consciousness: Menswear, Clothing worn by Men

Most people in fashion think of menswear as suits, and sweaters and form fitting clothing that is sold at high end department stores, but why is the term menswear limited to just that? Shouldn’t all clothing made for men be menswear? In recent times the lines between streetwear and high fashion have blurred, there used to be a thick line, but over the past years it has gotten smaller at an accelerating pace and I think it’s time to say that the line is as small as it’ll ever be right now. With collaborations between brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton, brands like Off-White, that have “streetwear roots” but have fashion shows, and with people from both sides of the spectrum now constantly mixing brands from high and low in their outfits, we might as well just call it menswear.

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A Stream of Consciousness: Style, Sub-cultures and High Fashion

With the internet, do sub-cultures even still exist? Sure, you could have called streetwear a sub-culture 5-10 years ago, but now with the internet, streetwear has exploded in popularity that it could hardly be called one anymore. Streetwear has gone mainstream and we all need to accept that, but I do believe that within streetwear are smaller micro-cultures, that are outside of the world of brands like Supreme, Yeezy or Bape.

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